Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Just built new wind speed race bike with green custom wheels on it.

Friday, 7 March 2014

About me

I have been building bikes for 6 years. I have built about 7 bikes for my friends but I would like to build bikes for other people as well. I have built bikes from the frame up and have also sprayed bike frames.

What I can do

I can build most types of bike.  I have built lots of MTB and road bikes as well as some Jump bikes and Trials bikes. I have a wheel truing stand and can build / true wheels.

What I have built

This is a carbon Chinese bike frame and was one of my first bike builds from the frame up. This bike was very light as the frame weighed nothing really. Wheels hand built DT Swiss 240S & Mavic 717 rims. Drivetrain Shimano XT.

This is my On-One Whippet  which I built up. Mega light. Unfortunately, the press fit BB broke so I sent it back and got a 456.

This is a M.A.D Phase 3 trials bike with 26" wheels
I bought off eBay. Big Hope Mono 4 brakes. Wheels are handbuilt  Hope Pro2s with DT XR1 rims.  New stem and a red chain.

I re-nippled these wheel and trued them and put new bearings in the back hub.

Single Speed based on Scott Aspect

WindSpeed Single Speed - My winter ride.
Kinesis Maxlight XC130. Mavic CrossRide wheels. XT components

My first attempt at spraying a frame!